Strolling In Swayambhunath


Recognized as one of the oldest religious places in Nepal, the journey to its magnificent view is quite a step, precisely 365 steps uphill. It's also filled with monkeys, yes there are many monkeys, and surprisingly they are quite well behaved unless you tried to get too close like my aunt ( watch the video below) then it's not going to be good, and I highly recommend you don't try it.

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As it's on the top of a hill, it was enjoyable to watch the panoramic view of Kathmandu valley. Walking around spinning the prayers wheels surrounding the swayambhunath stupa was also quite calming experience, but not for too long. You see, it's quite a crowded place so, when I was busy walking around, I got distracted/ separated from my aunt who was also the only person showing me around. The mobile networks was disastrous, which meant I had no idea how to find her, so for 10 min, I was walking around in total panic, sweating my face off.

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As my imagination started to leap into the dark side, predicting the worse of, the worse, I saw her sitting across from the stupa innocently sipping on her tea!! Damn tea!! I remember taking a deep breath of relief and ordering the damn tea to calm myself down. P.S. that was the best tea, I ever had, and I don't even like tea that much. The rest of the trip was very pleasant so, do watch the video to see my day in swayambhunath.

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