A Day In Mystic Mountain


Last two months were fantastic! I travel back to Nepal after 7 years, it's a country where I grew up as a child and a teenager.

I was quite young when I left Nepal so, I never got to explore. So, this time it was my mission to travel as much as I can. I am so thankful to say that I got to experience so many things, and I have so much to share, but first I want to start with my short trip to Mystic Mountain.

This tripe was one my shortest/ rushed tripe as initially we had plans to visit Pokhara but there was some road work so, we changed our plan last minute. Never the less it was still in my visit list so, I was happy to be there. The journey to Mystic was such a hassle and to be honest, I didn't like it, but the hotel was terrific. As I enter the hotel, I was greeted by this fantastic mountain view that I found myself smiling and refreshed. People were amiable and helpful, it was such a quiet place, you know one of those places where you just want to unwind all your worries and indulge in relaxation. It was so peaceful that the only noise you can hear where of wild insects.

The only thing that I regret/ didn't like it was the buffet dinner ( much better if you order it from the menu) and my short stay. It was such a short stay that I was torn between filming and relaxing so, didn't shoot much. Whatever I could find, I edited into short Vlog so, do check it out and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Natasha LimbuComment