Maya Bay

Famous by the movie called " The Beach' where Leonardo DiCaprio played as a backpacker, Maya Bay looks stunning, if you manage to avoid the crowds. I travel last month which is officially a low season, and I was surprised to find hives of people flaunting on the beach, around 8 am in the morning. Therefore you should make your way very early in the morning to truly enjoy the beach.

There are different ways you can arrange your trip to this beautiful beach. You can organise a group tour through agency or higher a taxi boat. There is even early bird boat trip leaving at 6:30 am. However, I recommend you to take a taxi boat which will charge you by hours so, the more people you are travelling with, the more you will save. Bare in mind that different taxi driver will charge you a slightly different price, the lowest price I managed to get was 1500 bath for 4 hours. The other benefit is moving at your own pace. You can decide where to go next and how much time to spend at each stop. Basically, you are the boss...


Loh Samah Bay is right opposite to the Maya bay, and it's a place to snorkel your heart out with the little fishy. The water is crystal clear, and you will love it, I mean it took me few choking to get used to the snorkelling gear but, after I had got the hang of it, I loved it, and my only regret is not doing it enough.
Pileh Lagoon has a different vibe, almost covered by rocky mountains, this place is another great place to snorkel and just enjoy the view. If you are not a swimmer, then you can still enjoy the water, just make sure you don't go to the deeper end.

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 09.37.36.png

Viking Cave was my least favourite cause you just watch it from outside and that it. Nothing was exciting about it.

My final stop was Monkey Beach. This beach had lots and lots of money that wild and not so friendly unless you have food with you. While I was at the beach, one guy was trying to take a close-up picture, and he got super attached, basically, the monkey pulled his trouser, and he was running and screaming around, nothing happened to him, but it was pretty funny. So don't mess up with them.