Work It Like A Baywatch Babes

It's undeniably safe to say that beachwear for this summer is heavily inspired by late 90's show "Baywatch". Super low-cut back and high leg line swimsuits flaunting in every retail shop, it's official that the Baywatch fever is on. It's clean cut style vibes sexy, chic and bold so, no wonder everyone is packing and snapping pictures with them.
However, just because it's a hot trend doesn't mean it will look good on you, it also doesn't mean you can't wear it. The beauty of styling is you can always take elements of the trend you like and tailor it to meet your taste that speaks you and makes you look and feel gorgeous.


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For my Baywatch look, I am going with a black swimsuit with neon side details by Boohoo. My problematic area is the mid section which makes it difficult to rock it like the Baywatch babes hence, I am going for a black swimsuit. I also wanted to highlight my body shape and thanks to the neon side detail; I can achieve that effect.
The bonus point about this swimsuit is the chain detail that goes past the boobies. It's simple, clean and sexy without overdoing it. My point is if, you want to go Baywatch all the way that's great, do you !!but if you are not comfortable with all of its style elements( for me I am not very comfortable with super high leg line) you can always adjust it to your liking. With so many retailers providing their version of Baywatch look, I am sure you will find something that speaks to you.  
Goodluck and make sure to tag me your "Baywatch look " at Instagram using #styleinyouu.


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