Styling T-shirt !!!

A nice pair of T- shirt is a style staple, and I am sure you all have at least one T-shirt lying in your wardrobe. It's a basic piece that is perfect for laying, making any outfit look more relaxed and casual. I can go on and on, on how to style your t-shirt in various ways but for this post, I want to share one-way to wear a T-shirt so, let's get this going >.<!!! 
First of all, I am wearing a purple T-shirt with a fitted skirt and a pair of black sandals. When you look at this outfit, the first thing that is noticeable is the skirt. The skirt has interesting textures, and it's just a lovely statement piece, which I really wanted to highlight. Naturally, our eyes always gravitated towards vibrant colours and interesting details.So, when you wear a plain t-shirt with a statement piece (in this case the skirt ), the statement piece stands out more because visually it's more appealing to our eyes. Like I said before, T-shirt always add a casual vibe, in this case, it's helping to balance the casual and dressed up element in the outfit, overall creating a casually sexy look.
In conclusion, what I am trying to say is that when you style a T-Shirt, it doesn't always have to be the main piece, you can also use it as a basic piece to showcase any statement piece you are wearing or to dress down any outfit for more casual feel. 
Natasha LimbuComment