Styling Curves

Not all the curves are same and with differences come the difficulties to style them right. So today I want to talk about styling tips to all the ladies that have a straight body structure but aren't necessarily the typically lean and tall. If this speaks to you then here are the few tips to consider:


Body shaper: trust me gal! It will do magics on your body by sucking up any flappy bits. It's an instant toning up secrets that will look and make your curve feel at its best.

Highlight your waist and contour your upper hips: Since straight body type lack small waist to define the curve, the upper hips can look bigger and bulkier. The best way to deal with this kind of problem is to highlights your waist by either using different colourful belts or wearing two piece outfit. Wear an asymmetrical bottom or one that smooths out your curves like a fitted tailored skirt. Try to avoid pockets around upper hips. 

Balancing is the key: Straight body type has the same shoulder to hips proportion so while styling it's important to take that into consideration. If you are the typical straight type, you can get away with just highlighting your waist, but if you are slightly curvy, then you also need to contour your hips. 
 E.g.,  I have the same body type, and I am wearing popup coloured crop to grab the attention to up upper body. My outfit still looks balanced because the crop top makes my shoulder wider but its's equally balanced by the flared trousers that are bottom heavy and wide. 


Finally, the most important thing that will make any outfit work for you is your confidence. Wear it with confidence and any outfit will look good on you.



Natasha LimbuComment