Ruffle Vs Layering

Let's get to the point? What type of styler are you? Do you love layering or do you like to flare your ruffles? Honestly, I Love both, but if I really have to choose then, I go for layering ..... uh, I mean.. I like ruffles too.... damn it !!! Alright!! Today I am gonna compare both the style and see if that is gonna help you/ me to decide.
Layering is perfect for changing the dimension/texture of your clothes. It doesn't mean you have to pile lots of clothes on top of each other. Think about different texture and colours that compliment each other. You have the freedom to create dimension so, think about where you want to create the focal point in your outfit. E.g., in this picture, I wanted the viewer's eyes to go down from my neckline to my side hip. The asymmetrical skirt I wearing help creates that illusion. The intention of this outfit was to look like a wanna be one piece. 
Ruffle has a very romantic and playful vibe. It's an instant feminising piece that looks well put together. Depending on the size of your ruffles, you can incorporate in any occasion but it speaks volume so, use it sparingly. You can use ruffle to highlight your delicate body parts. E.g in the picture I am wearing my ruffle top to highlight my shoulders. 
In conclusion, I love my ruffles, but I am indeed more of a layering type of girl. What about you? 


Natasha LimbuComment