How To Look Market Chic

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These past few days has been amazing and my time in Thailand is moving faster then I wish it would. My first stop was Bangkok where I spend two days, and while I was there, I manage to squeeze in some time to visit a very famous market called Chatuchak Market. I went on the weekday, so some shoppes were closed, and it was not very busy which I enjoyed. I also manage to find some beautiful handmade summer bags ( which you will see on coming blogs) at a great price. You can find lots of different things to buy ranging from antique decoration to unique handmade accessories. If you are the explorer/bargain hunter/ vintage lover, you will love this place. I will suggest you go during the weekends for a better experience, as most of the shops will be open during the weekends. Who knows you might find something interesting that you like. 

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 Styling tips:
If you want to take a great picture while visiting a market or a busy place, then It's always good to check the location online to see what kind colours pops around the place. e.g. I am wearing red which is a very vibrant and feminine colour that goes well with the very busy and colourful vibe of the market. 
The markets surrounding are full of different pattern and texture, by keeping the outfit minimal and colour in harmony to the background the outfit pops out. Hence resulting in a great picture that goes with the surrounding while still keeping you as the central of the focus. 
Finally, the most important thing about styling is to think about the mood or vibe you want to portray, do you want to feel feminine, playful or boyish. Styling is not only about how good the outfit looks on you, but it's more about how it makes you feel, does it make you feel like yourself? 


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