Making Statement With Jewellerybox

what glows doesn't need light to be seen,

what shines doesn't need a voice to be noticed,

radiating attraction, it uniquely exits.


When it comes to JEWElLER, I enjoy wearing statement piece with chunky, asymmetrical or unusual characteristics especially when it comes to earrings. So when I was approached by jewellerybox to try some of their designs, I was quite intrigued by there delicate design, very contradicting to what I usually am used to wearing.

However, my views on styling: is always experiment with new ideas, cause you never know what you might like. So, I excitedly scroll through their extensive collections of jewellery and decided to go with three pieces of earrings and two necklaces. The earrings are really light and comfortable on the earlobes. I must say they look so chic and elegant, just a perfect piece to add a classic statement to your look.

Right now I am on my long holiday in Nepal, the weather here is so hot and humid, these earrings have been my FAVORITE go-to options for a casual chic look . I quite like their necklaces as well, simple to look at but very complementing when you wear it.

Overall, I am glad that I choose to try something different than usual and thank you to jewellery box for sending me some of your lovely jewellery. I really enjoy styling them :)


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