Gingham Style


Life is a tricky business filled with unexpected surprises and uncertainty, & like the rolling wheels, we are constantly floating forward through bumps and hurdle. In this messy business, it's not surprising that, sometimes we may feel trapped and overwhelmed. These moments are hard to pass by, at times it gets so severe that we don't see any hope to pull us back to our beautiful state.When there is self-doubts, unworthiness and uninspired, life can be a very dark place to live.

I am not exceptional, and I do go through these moments, and there are times I feel very down and worthless. However, I think it's not wrong to have these thoughts because thoughts are just thoughts, it's not the reality or fact, it doesn't define me. It's just a part of growing pain, but that doesn't mean it's easy or doesn't hurt.  In this moments, the only thing I can do is try to reconnect with myself, be kind to myself, acknowledge the darker thoughts and dilute it with positivity and most of all count my blessing and gratitude. Layout my worries and doubts like a picnic blanket, sit on it and toast to myself like I am having a picnic party. There is a saying that what you feel is what you reflects and as a person who loves to dress up this look perfectly defines my state of mind. Always trying to box up negativity and balance it with positivity.