Perfect Gown For An Exotic Holiday


Hello guys, hope you all had a great weekend and a happy Monday. Last week, I was browsing the internet to shop for my upcoming Asia trip when I stumble upon these gorgeous kimonos. I only wanted to buy one of them but after a long struggle my will power gave up, and I ended up buying both of them, nevertheless I don't regret it. 
The kimono dress that I am wearing is silky and flowy. It's a little bit revealing but just what you need for your tropical holiday. On the other hand, the gown has a bit of weight to it which I really like, and I think I will be wearing it during the evening when the weather gets a tiny bit chilly. The only thing I will complain will be the extra long sleeve, but I am a petite person, so I am quite used to it. Overall I am absolutely happy with my purchase and super excited to wear them on my holiday.