How To Rock That Denim Look While Staying Warm This Winter


Are you a denim Girl? Do you often find yourself reaching for your favourite denim? Do you struggle to stay warm in your denim look during winter? Then you have come to the right place, today's post is specially dedicated to you :)  because I know it can be hard to stay warm and stylish in your comfy denim during winter. To be honest, It's  not the best fabric for cold weather. So, I have 3 styling tips that can help you enjoy your denim look while staying warm.


1. Fuzzy Denim Jacket
Rather than trying to layer your denim under a coat, go for an oversized denim jacket that has Fleece underlining. I got mine for Missguided, but you can also get it longer style, scroll down to the bottom to see few more options. 


2.Layer it with knitted top
The title says it all, pretty straightforward right!! Pair your fuzzy denim with cosy and warm knitted top. You can definitely play around with different style to make your outfit more interesting. I am wearing mine in a cropped style with orange strap detail. Keeping it nice and simple. This will help you give that extra warmth under your denim jacket. 


3. Heat Tech/ Thermal Jeans
Get comfy and minimal in heat tech/thermal jeans and avoid wearing layers and layers of tights under your jeans.

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Natasha Limbu2 Comments