6 Ways To Wear Over Knee High Boots


Hello, welcome to my first styling video of 2019, I am gonna be styling knee-high boots with 3 different styles. They are my velvet black which is very common and easy to style, then I will be going bit daring in full romantic red and finally, I have this very unique piece which screams drama, it's in golden snake texture.

These booties are not new, I have had it for quite some time and definitely worn them before. Now you may be thinking what's the catch, well I will be creating 2 looks for each these booty using clothing and accessory I already own.

I want to show we don't need to buy everything latest we see in the market and even if we think we don't have anything to wear, actually it's just so used to wearing same clothes in the similar style, in reality, we have lots of option. One of the fun parts of styling is working with what we have to create amazing, fun outfits and for that, we need to tune into your creative side rather than looking for new clothes or trends to copy. watch the video to watch my take on styling booties.

Natasha LimbuComment