Blush Of Pink


There is mesmerising joy in anticipating summer. The change of weather from colder to golden rays of warmth. The blossoming flowers painting out the moody winter layout. Most of all, the warm wind softly creasing my hair and the smell of freshly blossomed flowers in pastel rainbows.

As mystical as it may sound, I can't help but get drifted in it. It sets the mood where nothing matter, where I can sense inner peace and balanced between my soul and physical body. It's amazing how subtle change in the weather can do to your mood and your chain of thoughts. Maybe that is one of the reasons why spring brings so much joy.It symbolises passion for a new beginning and what better way is there to reflect it than to wear a tint of red. As you may have already figured it out Yes, I am indeed going for a bold look that gives out " I just wanna chill" vibe. 

I'm Wearing