Boyfriend Blazer

b2 copy.jpg
For a very long time, I have been overly obsessed with oversized blazers. There are comfortable to wear and super compatible with any looks: casual, smart or dressy you name it, I am sure it will look good with it.Hence, obsessed!!

One more great thing about oversized blazers are you can simply slip into your boyfriend wardrobe and borrow his blazer #boyfriendtoaid or husband lol

Anyway, the point is if you can't find anything in the lady's department you can always browse in man section and believe me they will have some cool blazers that will fit/look good on you. As for me I got this blazer from man section, it's super big on me, but I just love it. I am wearing this with a casual T-shirt and ripped jeans for a more casual vibe.
How about you? Are you an oversized blazer fan like me and how do you like to wear?

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