Tropical Paradise In The Middle Of Winter


Past few weeks has been so cold, windy and rainy, not a very lovely time of the year. The winter in London is overall very gloomy and grey. On top of that continually being bombarded by holiday pictures in Instagram is not the happiest moments. I will admit I got bit jealous #guilty. But instead of staying jealous I decided to get out and find some beautiful place in London that can feed my tropical holiday cravings.

After a quick search, I came across a tropical theme restaurant, and it’s called winter garden. It’s located near the Marylebone stations and is part of the landmark hotel. The hotel has classic chic deco, and at the entrance, you will be greeted by two tall palm tree and exotic themed settings, it’s like a different world. When I arrive at the restaurant it was cold and rainy, but as soon I enter the hotel it felt like I just migrate to a different place, the first impression was grand and chic. I booked it from Bookatable and had a set menu to enjoy. 


Overall food was good ( since we all have different taste preference I don't wanna give out too much, you be your own judge ), I enjoyed the starter and main, but dessert ( cheesecake) was a bit of disappointing it was too sour for me and could not finish it off. However overall it was a pleasant afternoon well spent. O I forget to mention they were playing Harp, which was so soothing and that how chic it gets. If you are looking for a romantic or unique place to dine then "winter garden" will be a great place to visit.

Natasha LimbuComment