Lipstick Talk


When it comes to bold lipstick, I go total freak.  If I have to choose one makeup item, then lipstick will be my choice. Since it's fall and I love fall colour palates, I want to share three top lipstick shades that I am falling in love this fall. 


All the shades are by KAt VON D everlasting liquid lipstick


My first choice is a bachelorette. I love this shade because it totally brightens my face, and it's a great colour for day to day wear. I usually wear it with just mascara, and I am good to go. Please note the colour in the picture looks a bit warm due to lighting, the actual colour is bit cold tone.


My next choice is a more exotic shade called exorcism. It's a deeper burgundy and just one of those timeless colour that repeats very fall. It's a great colour to try if you are looking to upgrade your look, very very sexy!! 

try 2.jpg

My final choice is a satin navy blue called echo. Now, this is a colour that not everyone would like to befriend, but I just love it. It gives a dark and mysterious vibe. If you are the type that gets bored easily then this lipstick a must. I like to wear this lipstick when I am feeling extra and on full "Diva " mood. 

& that sums up my three favourite lipstick shade for this fall. What is your fall favourite shades, let me know your thoughts on the comment down below. If you like this post, then check out my other post like  New Found Love you might enjoy.

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