My Ancestry DNA Result Say I am What??

Today, I am reveling my ancestry DNA result? Growing up in a culturally strict environment all I knew of my past was that I come from an indigenous group called Limbu. To some of you who are not familiar with the cast existence in Nepal, many casts have their own languages, culture and religion which represent an indigenous group. It's a bit complicated subject to explain the intricate history of all the cast, and its sub-branches . So, to keep it simple, according to the old traditions people are only allowed to get married within the sub cast, and that means all I know about my 10 generation history is that I am Limbu. I am very curious to find out where my ancestors lived, where my roots are, China? Mongolia? Maybe India who knows!! Alright if you are still with me, then just click on the video below to find out what my result says about my ethnicity.

Natasha LimbuComment