Closer To Nature

Hello lovelies, hope you all are doing great and enjoying the sunny weather. Recently, I have this intense craving to travel. I don't know if it's adverse after effect from travelling ( a few weeks back I went to visit Thailand).  
Anyway, my heart keeps nagging me to go somewhere that is more green and urban. You know that feeling of cold fresh air brushing your face and the only sound you can hear is the sound of the wind and some insects/birds singing in the background, exactly what my heart is craving.
However, right now I don't have the luxury to travel far. Hence, it inspired me to create this outfit. I know crazy, right!! How can a travel craving inspire an outfit? Well.... That might just be me, how I  feel always affects, what I wear. Right now, I feel I just want to get dissolved into nature and feel mother nature closer to me.