How to Beat Insomnia & Fall Asleep Faster


Sleeping is a natural process that is vital for keeping us healthy and functioning right. So, out of 99 problems we have, insomnia shouldn't be one of them. But having said so, there are times when we all find ourselves sifting right and left, wide awake all night. The reasons may be, you are not sleeping in your bed, you're stressed or you're too excited for the following day. Whatever the reasons are falling asleep should be instant and not a daily struggle. 


A Little backstory, I am a fast sleeper, which means I can fall asleep instantly, anytime and anywhere. It wasn't always like this, when I was younger, I used to struggle with falling asleep, but over the course of time, I learn to shut down my thought and just fall asleep faster. So, today I want to share some of my tips that can help you fall asleep instantly. 


1. Respect bed boundary


Our brain learns by association, so train your mind to associate bed = sleeping. That means no texting, no working and no eating in the bed. Keep your electronic device out of your bed. Do not use phone, laptop or tablet. Use your bed only for sleeping, repeat this pattern and your brain will quickly associate bed with sleeping.

When I say bed, I mean bed, not the bedroom because it can create sleeping problems when you are not in your bedroom. I have seen this happen with some of my friends, when they are travelling, it takes few days for them to get used to the new room to fall asleep. But if you train to think bed ( not your bed but just bed in general) = sleep then, any bed you get into, your mind will think it's time to sleep, and you will find much more comfortable to fall asleep. 


2. Prep for sleeping


Get comfortable and get ready to relax. Boil that water, dip a bag of camomile tea, jump into your nightgown, take a book out( make sure it's not too interesting, or you will be reading whole night) and slowly sip that warm tea while you let go of all the daily hassle and stress.

Your Bed is not a place to think about what went wrong during the day or to make a do list for tomorrow. Keep that on your working desk. Think your bed as a happy, comfortable and safe place where stress finally leaves you alone. 


3. Bring meditation to your bed


I think this is one of the most effective ways to fall asleep faster. It's  similar to meditation. First, close your eyes and try to feel the presence around you. Think about the soft blanket that is covering you and how relaxed and comfortable you are inside it. Slowly, concentrate on your breathing and let go of all your stress. Make your emotion-neutral. At this stage; you are not angry, you are not stressed, you are not in a hurry, you're not excited or sad, you are just comfortable and relax. Slowly drift your mind to your most relaxing place. It can be anything but make sure it's a relaxing place (nothing too exciting) and let your imagination flow. Don't try to overthink, just follow where your imagination takes you.

The key things to get this right are :
1. concentrate on your breathing (it will help you relax)
2. Be emotionally neutral
3. Think about your most pleasant place
4. Let your subconscious take over

It takes time and a little bit of practice, but with repetition, you can also be a fast sleeper. Make sure to write your thoughts below in the comment section. I will love to hear your opinion. Do you struggle with sleeping ? or are you a fast sleep and have some tips to share!!

Natasha LimbuComment