A Break From A Break


Whenever I am on holiday, I get this urge not to waste any time. I feel the need to do as many new and exciting activities as possible, taste different authentic foods and of course, explore the area that I am visiting. A holiday to me is an opportunity to explore and experience new things. However sometimes it gets me quite exhausted, and I slightly regret not taking my time out to just relax and chill doing nothing. When I was in Bangkok, I regretted not going up to the rooftop to see the view from my hotel. So when I arrived at Phuket, I wanted to make sure I had one day dedicated to doing nothing but relaxing. 
I stayed at Kata Palam resort. I have to say I was impressed by this resort.  This place is fabulous with over 200 rooms, gym, pool and friendly staffs that are willing to assist you at any time, you will love this place. Anyway, they have a fantastic pool with a tropical theme. If you ever decided to stay with them make sure to use the pool, it will make you feel like you are swimming with nature. 

Anyway, as I was saying, I wanted to take a day off to relax. Therefore I decided to spend my time sunbathing and time to time taking a dip in the pool. It felt very rejuvenated, and I was ready to take up my next adventure. In conclusion, it's essential to take time out to relax even if you are on an adventure holiday and want to get most out of your vacation. Your mind and body need time to heal and process your new surrounding.

What do you guys thing? What kind of holidaymaker are you? Are you an adventurer seeker, the sun-soaker or the party- all day type. Do you struggle with taking a break on your vacation like me? 

Natasha LimbuComment