New Found Love - 3in1 Beauty Oil

So where should I really begin!! I am absolutely in love with the Nuxe beauty oil. I am officially on my 3rd bottle, and I have no plans to switch. It's the perfect one pack beauty product that has managed to replace my hair serum, face and body moisturiser. Which also makes it a super travel/budget-friendly product. 
The Nuxe oil is super light, so no sticky feeling but it's powerful enough to leave you feeling moisturised all day. I have used during winter, summer and while travelling and I am genuinely happy with this product. One of the fact that sold me on this product was, I haven't breakout after using this product and believe me I breakout all the time. 
1f copy.jpg
In conclusion, I find Nexu beauty oil to be super budget/travel-friendly, a great all-around moisturiser that does what it says while being kind to the skin. The only thing I didn't enjoy so much was the smell. It took me some time to get used to it.The smell reminded me "Daber Amla oil" which is an Indian hair oil that growing up my mom used to make me wear. While Growing up, slapping your hair with lots of oil and braiding it was the norm.
Natasha LimbuComment